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Meh May. 5th, 2004 @ 04:03 am
P.S. I'm sorry if my journal offends anyone.

P.P.S. Bugger off.

Over a year since I've updated.... Apr. 28th, 2004 @ 04:36 pm
And I just want to say that I have a huge penis.

The Return Of The Son of Update Feb. 12th, 2003 @ 02:26 pm
Look, another fucking update. Who has the time, patience, or interest to keep up with this shit? I sure as fuck don't.
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: Save Tonight-Eagle Eye Cherry

Wow, and update. Nov. 22nd, 2002 @ 02:50 am
See subject.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Lawyers, Guns And Money-Warren Zevon-I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Disk 1, The Asylum Era

What the fuck? Jul. 30th, 2001 @ 12:52 am
The subject basically sums up my thoughts as I explore this simple, but I suppose effective application I was told to download. Perhaps they should get more Mac support to get this client up to snuff. Heh. Anywho, I'll give this Live Journal thing a shot and see how well it works, though I see myself quickly losing interest. We'll see what happens.
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Power of Love
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